Frequently Asked Questions


Do you offer samples?

Yes I do! I highly recommend ordering a sample to see the paper, impression and ink in person.

Please contact me and include which design you are interested in.


Are all printing and design done in house?

Yes. All design, printing, and cutting are done by Lauren. All pieces are hand fed one at a time,

one color at a time on a circa 1920 letterpress. Because of this manual process, pieces may

have slight variations which add to their beauty and uniqueness.


I love one of your designs but is it possible to change the illustration?

Yes! All designs can be adjusted to fit your needs. See examples of how 2 different clients

customized the Vintage Bouquet design. Are you are looking for something truly unique?

Contact me regarding custom work.


I love letterpress but I have a tight budget. How can I can save on costs?

The best way to save money with letterpress is by getting your design printed in 1-color. This is

because each color requires a separate printing plate and run through the press which is more

time consuming and expensive. You can always add a pop of color with colored envelopes!


I am a designer, can you print my design?

Yes, of course. Contact me regarding design requirements.


What types of designs work best for letterpress?

Designs that are simple work best. The more "white space" you leave in a design the better the

finished print. Large areas of color won't print well so line drawings and small areas of color

work best for images.


Do you have a minimun order quantity?

Technically I can print small quantities but since it gets very expensive I generally recommend a

minimum order of 50. This is because of the high costs of letterpress set up and printing plates.

Larger runs can better absorb those costs.


I can't find your phone number.

I don't list my phone number for privacy issues. Please contact me first via e-mail.


I am in the Santa Cruz area. Can we meet in person?

Absolutely. I love meeting clients in person. Contact me to make an appointment.


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